Some of them are leaving Shortwave, but others are coming to take their place. Nowadays SW listeners enjoy a wide sort of independent and free radios with speech, musical or brand new formats. We are lucky, as never before the shortwaves offered this kind of musical euphoria, reserved in the past to stations broadcasting on MW.

Shortwaves are being left by several major broadcasters adducing budget saving or facing changes to be up-to-date with new tech formats. Everything must evolve but in my opinion, leaving shortwave or medium waves it’s an enormous mistake. Radio transmissions are maybe the only existing free media from point to point without middlemen in the way. You don’t need to be a powerful media to transmit on the radio, or being a rich social influencer to get a channel and air private interests. Anyone with a small budget can operate or rent a radio station feeling the liberty of travelling by the waves.

First ever txer site for Atlantic 2000 (back to 1979).

Atlantic 2000 Int. 37 years on Shortwave
One of these stations is Atlantic 2000 International. This privately funded broadcaster is a free radio station transmitting on SW and Internet with a music format including news about radio. They are not beginners as they started on the radio at the end of 1978 on VHF FM, starting emissions on SW the 6thof June 1982 on 7325 kHz in the 41mb. They were based on ‘somewhere’ in Europe hitting the waves monthly from a 25w homemade transmitter, rising to 30w in 1984. After have stopped broadcasts for 19 years, in 2007 on 28thOctober, the station conquered again the waves on 6280 and 6210 kHz. From  2008 to 2010 were the txers of Mystery Radio (later on Radio Amica) which aired the Atlantic 2000 signal. From 2010 powerful relays (from 1kw to 50 kw) scattered its music and news from Germany all over Europe and beyond, on the following frequencies:

  • From 12/2010 to 02/2017 on 3985, 6005 and 7310 kHz via Shortwave Service at Kall-Krekel site.
  • From 10/2010 to 01/2016 on 9480, then on 9485/7265 kHz via MV Baltic Radio at Göhren site.
  • Additionaly the signal of Atlantic 2000 was relayed on 14th January 2018 from the 50kW WINB Txer. to the world at Red Lion (USA) on 9265 kHz.

Atlantic 2000 International can be tuned in on 6070/7440 kHz via Channel 292 from Rohrbach Waal site. French is the main language used for broadcasting with announcements in English.

The magic of Radio
The reason to start broadcasting was simple. As radio amateurs it was a pleasure of building transmitters and antennas to play music to Europe on SW, and around the world on the Internet. The station has many regular listeners that keep in touch by email. For the station staff, support of their listeners is one of the main reasons to be still on air. Regular listeners send request to the radio asking for international tracks and oldies. Also some French songs are usually played on the programs together with several news about radio. Special events are also supported, like the one held in August 2019 for the 80thanniversary of the launch of Radio Andorra.

Special QSL issued for the 80th anniversary of Radio Andorra.

With a little help from listeners
Listeners may help the station with regular listening and sending reception reports, showing announcements of their next transmissions on blogs, websites, forums, newsletter and special networks. They sincerely thank every little effort to keep the spirit alive. Remember that Atlantic 2000 International issue e-QSL cards for reports containing, at least, 15 minutes or more of listening. Send them by e-mail and if correct will be confirmed by e-QSL. Also, they will also confirm correct reports for Internet listening  (shoutcast and podcast).

For more information about programs and the radio station itself, please visit Atlantic 2000 International podcasts can be found at

This is the first post of a series focused on the radiostations that I listen to. I am aware of the efforts to keep alive transmissions these days so I want to contribute from here to spread news and history from stations. Do you work or are you involved with a SW or LW/MW radio station and want to share your history here?. Please contact me and together we can show your work to the rest of this little world.

P.S. Je voudrais remercier Tiphanie de Atlantic 2000 International pour avoir bien prêté attention aux demands des info sur la station. Merci bien, Tiphanie! 

2019 ©Jotagarzon


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